Welcome to the world of Imagineers … 

It’s time to leave the here and now, and step into a world of colour, delight and spectacle. Where imagination is the bridge between the young and young at heart. A place where fairy gardens, sensory mazes and larger than life art are the norm. All set against a backdrop of twinkling lights, amongst an enchanted forest. It’s for a moment in time … magical.

Imagineers Festival is a biennial event, delivering a full immersion art experience to the Sunshine Coast community. 

We are bursting with excitement to tell you about the incredible and fun experiences that await at Imagineers 2020. But, we can’t spill all the beans just yet.

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“My child’s senses were fully engaged and pure joy and delight seemed to invoke her spirit. For just one evening, she could be whatever she wanted to be!”

Kara Armytage,  parent

“After dark, the landscape became an intriguing and exciting place, full of discoveries to make and share.”

Crafty Jane, Pom Pom Palace

“Imagineers is a beautiful experience for all the senses!”

Kira, parent

Everyone needs creativity in their lives, especially the enchanting Sunshine Coast community. 

By keeping our ticket prices low and ensuring accessibility for all people in our local community, the Imagineers Festival allows everyone to immerse themselves in creative expression. The Festival allows participants to draw on the unique nature of place and people, to play, create and innovate.  

It also strengthens communities by boosting the local economy, encouraging tourism and creating a space where everyone can come together in an inclusive environment. We have seen these benefits radiate through the community following our previous 3 Festivals.

In 2020, we are stepping things up with never-before-seen dynamic performances and installation artworks. We are expanding our reach to Brisbane and the rest of South East Queensland, but we can’t do it on our own. 

The Imagineers Festival is self-funded, with revenue reinvested into the 2022 Festival. We rely on the generous support and contributions from sponsors and donors, so we can keep our commitment to low admission prices.

We cannot bring the beauty and magic to the young and young at heart without you.

To us, making a positive impact means being true to our key values:


We welcome and aspire for our imagination to run wild.


We make space for creativity to occur, so innovation can be born.


We respect and value all cultures. We recognise the Gubbi Gubbi people as the traditional custodians of the ‘country’ where we stand.


We invest time, energy and resources to create connections in our community.


We celebrate the achievements of our community and love having fun.

Meet our Festival Director

Hi I’m Marina de Jager! I’m so happy you found us. 

I want to extend my warmest welcome and can’t wait to see you under the twinkling lights this September.

At the heart of Imagineers is a community of magical people passionate about the power of imagination, arts and creativity.

The Sunshine Coast is so lucky to have them, and I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Wave Wave